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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

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once upon a time, i received a 4' x 3' canvas as a gift. i was delighted. i was terrified. the thing was bigger than a pony and glared at me like a big, white eye. the huge canvas stayed out of sight behind my dresser for years. literal years. four to be exact. i peeked at it every now and then to see if it had shrunk down to a manageable size. not a chance. still large and very in charge.

during those 48 months, i would look at pictures of awesome canvas paintings and get inspired (colors! patterns!), and then i'd look at the intimidating object and change my mind (so scared!) that thing could smell fear.

finally, i had had enough. about two weeks ago, i took the canvas out to my porch, opened a can of pink paint, and attacked the beast. it's funny, but once i laid the first paint stroke, the monster didn't seem so intimidating. although, if i'm being honest, and when you have a blog you kinda sorta have to be honest because people will call you out if you're not, my first idea was a big. fat. fail. it's true. it involved painting within the lines, and that is just not for me. lines are gross.

after crying for days over my first failure, i pulled myself together, ate a few pounds of fro yo, and decided to go for a more abstract approach. you know, slap some paint around, call it art, put it in a gallery and see if someone will pay $1200 for it. the end result makes me so very happy.

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ta-da! not the best first impression reveal photo ever. like me, my canvas is not always photogenic.

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go pink or go home

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stencils are a girl's best frand

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brush stroke of an artistic genius

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the song lyrics are from "hung the moon" sung by ellie holcomb. 
listen to it here, and fall in true love.

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i am a pretty proud mama of my artwork. it only took me four years to overcome my fear of an inanimate object and get down to it. but seriously, am i the only one scared by a big project like this? have you ever done a craft project that was risky or intimidating? don't make me feel alone and isolated.

p.s. if the sight of a monster canvas doesn't even make you blink and painting within the lines is something that you mastered at the age of 18 months, check out my first idea inspired by this site. gorgeous.


  1. i love love love it and yu!!!

  2. I'm really glad I'm not the only one eating pounds of fro-yo. Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm totally blog-stalking you now... well, I'm following you anyway. Love the blog!

  3. It's lovely! the lights add the perfect finishing touch!

    Thanks for stopping by to comment...I am so glad that you liked my post title...ha :)

  4. I have a half completed 7'X3' drawing of a bride. That sucker will NEVER get done. :)


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