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Saturday, July 30, 2011

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hi-ho, hi-ho! it's off to the beach i go!

i'm heading to wilmington/wrightsville with two girlfriends for the remainder of the weekend. our game plan is simple: catch some rays, play in the waves, get sand in unmentionable places, sit in a chair and stare at the ocean, eat delicious foods, sip margaritas. it's a hard life, but someone has to do it. i'll take one for the team.

i've made a su-wheet beach mix and loaded up on some road trip snacks. i've got peanut butter covered pretzels, granola, pistachio trail mix crunch, sesame peanuts, almonds, and snapea crisps. oh my. i sound like a total crunchy hippie. i might have to remedy that and throw in some triple chocolate fudge brownies. and tropical skittles.

what's on your weekend agenda? how are you beating the heat in this 100 degree weather? and don't say vacationing in california. that's just mean.

one thing you should do this weekend is visit chelsea's blog and wish her a happy birthday! today is her big day, and i know she would love a nice comment from you. happy birthday, chelsea! excited to celebrate with you next weekend!

happy weekend to all!


  1. your weekend sounded really great! It's always great to have friends, food and fun!


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  3. Ace you crack me up, "sand in unmentionable places" bahah so true! Kev and I are trying to beat the heat living here in Mexico by taking trips on the 4wheeler on our days off out to the ocean (only 3 miles from where we are living) so much fun! Wish we could do it everyday but gotta work work work! Hope all is well, miss yo face!


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