the weekend in review

Monday, July 11, 2011

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ah, sweet weekend. why must you be over? this weekend included the following...

friday afternoon sbux, hanging out with good friends at esm, jenga tournaments, work project with summit church involving lots of dirt, sweat and shoveling mulch, knocking my computer into pink paint (sometimes you have to laugh to keep from crying), coffee bar and saturday night service, nighttime mini golf, coffee date with kami, learning to receive my affirmation from Jesus and not people (learning, i said), ultimate frisbee, devouring some yogurt mountain, being intimidated by a huge canvas i'm painting (inanimate objects are the worst), relaxing, feeling blessed to have such great friends.

what did you do this weekend? give me the rundown!


  1. Your weekend sounds awesome. Mine was a day of traveling home from vacation and then a day of working the following day! Hardly as cool. (:

  2. You were such a fun part of my weekend too chickateeta! :) Thanks for getting coffee with me! I love laughing with you!


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