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Saturday, July 2, 2011

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happy 4th of july weekend! what are your plans for the looong weekend? i spent yesterday at the lake. i started in the water because it was too hot to lay out, then laying out because i got tired of floating, back in the water because sweat was running down my face, out of the water because i had a good book to read. yadda yadda yadda.

later this morning, my roommate and i have a date to go canoeing. i am 100% positive that we will not look as peaceful and idyllic as the girl in this picture. there will be much shouting and thrashing about. one or both of us will fall overboard at some point. if i make it out alive, i'll be hitting up a cookout and pool time at a friend's apartment this afternoon. on sunday, the rooms and i are driving to lake badin to spend some quality time with friends (and jet skis.) the cherry on top of this great weekend will be a good old fashioned durham bulls baseball game and fireworks on the 4th. can you say murica? 

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i am very proud and grateful to be an american. i hope you all enjoy your weekend with friends and family. i hope you eat watermelon. i hope you spend some time in a bathing suit. i hope you say "murica!" at least once. i hope there are fireworks in your future (legal or illegal, doesn't matter.) i hope you look at the flag with appreciation. one thing i hope you don't do? american flag jorts.

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p.s. new month, new mix! i've changed my playlist widget so make sure you turn up the volume and blast some july-esque tunes. happy independence day!

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